Thursday, November 08, 2012

Walking on the Moon..

I remember when John Kennedy announced that by the end of the decade, Man would Walk on the Moon.  NASA would have enough funding to make it happen.  The whole nation would get behind the project and it would happen. And it did.

I want President Obama to get up and make the following statement:  We will cure and learn how to prevent all childhood cancers by the end of the decade.

Why just childhood cancers?  Well because I think we should take care of the children first.  Their cancer comes out of the blue. Many of the adult cancers we know how to prevent.  The adults are going to be sort of like going to Mars.  It will be the next step.

When you hear your child has cancer, the first thing you ask after your nervous breakdown is "what causes cancer?"  Being told that they don't have a clue, makes you even more shocked.  No clues, nada, nothing.  It is quite shocking and a problem.  I blamed it on Meb's Dad, I wasn't serious but then I found out more kids on this side of the border get Leukemia then those that stay in Mexico. So America causes cancer.  I am sure I caused Mary-Elizabeth's cancer when I helped someone use lots and lots of Roundup before I knew I was pregnant.  I am sure of it. 

So for my birthday, besides someone to fold my laundry for a year, I want unlimited funding for childhood cancer research.  Instead of spending money on campaign ads, or to obtain Obama's college transcripts,  how about if we cured childhood cancer?  Karl Rove could spend the billions he raised to trash the Democrats on curing cancer.  He could lower his blood pressure and leave this life having done something positive. The People United folks could unite and do something good for the world. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone that gave money to the recent campaign could be part of the cancer solution instead of paying for all those really really boring ads and expensive plane rides from Ohio to Florida and back to Ohio with a stop off in Pennsylvania?

Just a thought.  There is an inauguration coming up soon.  I would love to hear magic words. 

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