Thursday, November 01, 2012

Evil Spirits

The Celts carved pumpkins to keep the evil spirits away.  The Swiss carve turnips.  I light candles to send prayers to heaven after my prayers are completed.

What do we do?  There is always this push pull between cozy dark and scary dark.  A dark quiet house with a candle lit is so wonderful.  A bit of dark, a bit of light, a space to let your mind wander and create a place to quiet the mind.  Maybe we know that at the end of all this dark,we have some light to lead us in the right direction.

Cancer is dark. It is evil dark. It consumes more of the light then we can even imagine.  It does insidious things to people we love.  It is such a horrible light, life killing monster. It hides, it's spooky.  It creates huge empty crevis in our hearts, lives and the lives of our loved ones.

I hate when I see "lost a _________ today."  A friend, a child, a sister, a father. We all hope they are in a place of light and free of the darkness that is cancer. 

Those of us in Cancer World are so aware of how close we are to the evil darkness that lurks and snatches so much from us and those we love.  We are here with them and see the end results way too often.  But we are not a gloomy bunch.  We are carving away, lighting candles like crazy people, creating light and laughter and smugging sage and seeking good and positive things.  We are not running from the bad and evil.  We are conquering it.

With your help and love and support.

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