Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trying to Cope

So while I let my mind expand and adjust to new issues with Mary-Elizabeth, hard life long never changing issues, I think and analyze and take in new knowledge and finish old quilts and ponder and sort of stew. I explore the world in a way I have not done before.

So yesterday I watched a movie called "Helvetica".  Boy do I know a lot about fonts. This is Helvetica and the is Not. I found out I am a serif person.  I like the little do hickeys on the letters.  More the better.

I have become the expert in splitting hairs and defining things.  Good Cancer from bad cancer, good side effect from bad side effect, reaching a deeper understanding of a distinction with out difference. 

So Marriage:  big on the ballot.  Lots of ads, lots of deeply religious people feel this is the and attack on God.  I can understand that but marriage in this country is such a mishmash.  You can get married on top of manhole cover by a homeless person at midnight, provided he has a licence from someplace that says he is a minister.  You can have the world's biggest wedding in the biggest church with all the incense and music. 

Neither will work if you don't fill out the Civil license and mail it in and do it right.  If you don't follow the "legal rules". The government won't recognize your marriage and the civil part of it will not be valid.  You have to jump through hoops but if you don't sign on the dotted line and register and pay the county the money- so sad too bad you are not legally married.

No right to inherit, no right to sue for wrongful death, no step up in basis in your joint home, no right to make funeral arrangements no pension or social security benefits.  Okay, sort of morbid here. 

No one is asking that every church, every, mosque, every temple marry people.  We are just asking that everyone be allowed to go to the court house, buy a license, pay the money, sign the paper.  How hard can that be?

Tomorrow:  The similarities in Christianity, Islam and Judaism and why I should be allowed to go to Mecca and touch the Kaaba.

BTW.  Meb and a bunch of girls are at the Space Needle with the wives and girlfriends of the Seahawks having a girl's day.  It's not all bad.

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