Thursday, October 04, 2012

Breath Holding........

Not sure when to relax and breathe.  There is not a class for this or a hand-book or a coach to help me breathe when it is appropriate.

Why am I uptight and worried?  She has her taper, she has a picture in a cool show on First Thursday.  I am back in school and love it.  She has recovered from her less than steller engineering test results but is back at the books and working on her stuff.  The car was in the spa for a week and is happy. The house received  a new fridge and the dishwasher had some new parts.  Every thing is fine.... Ever thing is fine. The clock is back in place.  Nothing can go wrong.  My very presence does not divert disaster.

I can leave for 48 hours and go stalk a chef from Seattle that had cancer and knows how important food is and will help me work on the hospital issues as soon as I have her harvest dinner in Prosser and everyone drinks lots of wine and has a good time.   I can go to my favorite winery and spend a couple of nights in Sunnyside and enjoy a couple of days away....

I know this will work.  No coming back to anything not working or anyone sick.  I can do this and have a good time. 

I am breathing.....  and will do so in a few minutes.

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