Sunday, October 14, 2012

I wonder if this is what they will precribe after Monday's Doctor's Appointments?

Herbs like Siberian ginseng, dandelion and cinnamon are also effective in lowering creatinine levels. Drinking aloe vera juice also has many health benefits like controlling blood pressure and blood sugar levels and improving the function of the kidneys. Holy basil is also effective in strengthening the kidneys. You can take a teaspoon of basil juice and honey each and consume it every morning on an empty stomach for a few months.

Didn't really sleep.  Not really tired.  Just weary.  Made a list of my class work, doing the reading and working on a HR resume.

Organizing my wine, since the butler appears to have fallen down on the job.

Doing Laundry.

Walking the dogs.

Raking some leaves.

Charging my phone.

Harvesting the last of the tomatoes and drying them in the oven.

Father Tran is coming to work with Mary-Elizabeth tonight. 

Trying to stay unfocused on Tomorrow.

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