Thursday, October 04, 2012

Cancer Smiles.

How are things going?  Fine
How are you doing? Fine
When are you done? Soon
What do you need? Nothing

Smiling all the way. 

People need us to be happy and accepting and thrilled with treatment and the universe and other such things.  Stories about cancer need to have happy endings.  There needs to be lots of "blessings" and " new adventures" and "new opportunities" .

Every now and then you see us cry or despair or whine and then we pick ourselves up and carry on.

We do it because we need it to be true also.  We need to cope someway and hide from the  the pain and fear and terror that is really our lives.  I have encountered several new leukemia patients.  I would like to reach out to them in a more concrete way but know they are not ready to meet me or hear from me.  They are struggling with getting their child into remission and through this round of treatment.  We are proof that sometimes is does not work and is not okay.  But we are becoming evidence that maybe it can work with a transplant.

I am posting a picture of Trisha.  She is the sister-in-law of a dear friend of mine.  We have had the privilege to spend time around family weddings.  She has a lovely family and a two year old.  About 7 or 8  months ago she was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Regular treatment did not work and so she is Transplant Bound.

She and Mary-E have a special relationship since Meb has been through the transplant and has helpful hints for each other.  She is starting round two of nasty chemo.  She is smiling...

She has to smile, Katie has to smile, Mary-Elizabeth has to smile, the moms have to smile.  We have to smile, we have to say "fine", "fabulous", "wonderful" or we fall apart. 

And quite frankly we don't have time for that.....We have to make sure this darn cancer is cured, sooner than later.

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