Wednesday, October 03, 2012



It just does. It is scary and sad and way way unfair.  After all these years, decades and centuries, it still just sucks and it is predictable.

I have very basic, old knowledge gleened over the years from listening to Dad and Keith (guy from Montana that taught me put ketchup on my scrammbled eggs) study while in Med school from listening to my Dad's half of a telephone call.  Comments like "yes breast cancer metastized to the liver" sort of knowledge.

Well guess what guys, bone cancer still goes to the lungs.

We met Katie Elliot and her mom Darlis and her dad Nathan when Katie first started chemo for Osteosarcoma about a year ago.  They are from Alaska and a great bunch.  I passed the Angry Bird hat on to Katie and gave her the best chimes for her pole.  She is 16 and trying to keep up with school and always smiles and does what the doctor's say.  She had a spot on her knee of cancer and they treated her by shrinking the tumor and then removed her knee and gave her new parts.   This is how they treat this now.  In the old days of Ted Kennedy's son's cancer they just cut off his leg.  

So Katie has had to stick around because of an infection and not healing and some other nasty stuff and yesterday she had a scan. They are very fond of full body scans when you have this disease. 

Dammmmm it...... Some spots have shown up on her lungs.  Surgery, I am sure some more chemo. Dammmmmmmmm it. 

Okay.  We will wrap our minds around this and figure out how to help Mom and Dad and distract Katie and swear a bit and have them over for dinner and take them real food while they are in the hospital. 

Cancer Sucks.

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