Sunday, October 28, 2012

Long hard Treks..

Tracy Hentz and I had a chat today.  She is our favorite former fellow and great friend.  She is back in New York right now with a million dogs and cats and her family.  Her heart is as big as her great brain.

She called to talk about Kidneys.  She said they are the black box of the body.  No one really understands the but Dr. Hignorianiepqulire is the best. We saw the best, we received bad news but not as bad as it feels. Things will be okay.

So I love that answer. Several of our secret team, don't ask, it is a secret, have said that they have seen people improve.  I like that answer.  I was told this is sort one of those things that creates worries and concern and can be problematic but we have been on this endless trek and will continue and eventually make it to the end.

I am feeling like this 40 year thing is a real drag but then we aren't in the desert.

And The New York Times endorsed Obama.

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