Sunday, October 21, 2012

Better Food Please at Seattle Children's

I feel like a 4 year old in a room of adults.  They are talking and drinking and discussing big heavy important topics and I can not get their attention. The House is on Fire.

They pretend to listen when I interrupt but the house is burning.  First I ask nicely. Then I get a bit frantic and then I scream.  They still just go on eating and drinking and ignoring me.

I have always had this issue.  Some answers are so clear to me.  When I was a family lawyer I could see the solution but soon learned it takes some people longer to have clarity. I had a case once where I made a suggestion during mediation as to what the best solution might be.  When the case settled, I withdrew.  The old "hitting your head against the wall" thing.

The case went to trial and the judge did exactly, down to the minute, what I had suggested.  I some times see to the end and don't understand it is necessary to "Show your work".

So for more than a year I have been screaming at the hospital.  I had a friend suggest they just don't take me seriously because they think I am kidding.  How could a mom with a child going through a transplant thing Food is important? 

I have never been a tree person, but rather a forest person.  How can the food they feed the kids not be important?

So as I sit here today, again at the end of my 10 cup pot of espresso, I will try again.  I know there is a full floor of exhausted parents that have to deal with side effects and new meds and bad news about their children's.  They have left jobs and families and dogs and everything they love and are on the SCCA floor fighting for one more day for their child.  They don't want to go over to the Met Market and spend $60.00 or even $6.00 for something to feed their child. 

I am not done.  In fact the further out from transplant we get, the more real energy I have.

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