Saturday, October 27, 2012

Karma is not my friend or why Newt is Calling

I always blame things on a former life.  I think Karma is biting me  on the butt for this life. 

Years ago a long time friend from junior high, Brad Lancaster was a real Right Wing Republican.  I am not sure where he stands on politics but I don't know how he could have traveled any further to the right then he was then.  Anyway, in the spirit of being fair and balanced, I gave him a membership to the ACLU.  That must have been a good thing because he left Paint Contracting to be a lawyer.

So the ACLU is sort of like Martha Stewart.  They sell their mailing lists to EVERYONE.  Brad is probably still receiving helpful information from the Left wing.

So yesterday, I received a call from Newt's wife.  She kindly explained she and Newt made a movie about God in America.  I could have ordered the box set. 

Oh, dear.  My first reaction was horror.  My second reaction is to seek and kill.  Given the week we have had.  Stay out of my way.

Oh, and then... The housekeepers put flannel sheets on my bed.  I am the only person in the universe that hates flannel sheets.

I am off the light some candles and sacrifice a lamb and sit under a tree and meditate and send money to some television preacher and go on a Mission for the Mormon Church.

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