Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We Asked for it and WE Got it..... Now What?

Endless complaints have been flowing from this house about the prednison.  Endless.  Did I mention we complained a whole bunch.

Well today we saw Dr. Paul (I eat Kangaroo) Carpenter.  Two of the steroids have exited, as per tapers connived by lots of people, and things look great. So....

She begins to taper her Prednison tomorrow.  Down 2.5 milligrams a week. 

Do you hear cheers and screams of joy.  Yes and no.  Part of what you hear is the concern this won't be a good thing.  This taper is very different then the last one so we are going to think only good thoughts and hope for no return of GVH. 

Sometimes it takes a whole lot of bravery to take the journey to the place you want to go.
As much as this feels good, it is also scary.

Time will tell. 22.5 for the rest of the week.  Yeah....

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