Saturday, October 20, 2012


The sun was coming up this morning and Tucker decided it was time to greet the day.  He has to run into the back garden, savagely shake the hose and then search for officious interlopers.  It is his style.

I stumble into the kitchen prepare my 10 cup espresso maker and put it on the stove and then fix the dog's breakfast of kibble, carrots, raw meat.  I putter around the  kitchen and then I sit down to see what has happened over the preceding night.  Who "liked" and who posted and pretty much sit here until my coffee kicks in.

This is Seattle and we have rain, but we also have lots of sunshine moments.  This morning was one of them.  I looked out my window and I could see lots of blue sky and really high white, happy clouds, the ones that make you smile.  While I was appreciating the blue sky moment a giant black, rain filled cloud obscured the happy little clouds.  But.... what I realized is that it was moving very fast.  It sped by and then the high pretty happy little clouds and blue sky re-appeared.

Need I say more about how this a metaphore about life in Cancer World yada yada yada...

Just hoping for really speedy black clouds.

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