Monday, October 01, 2012

Back to School and Thoughts about the SCCA

So, here I sit upon the verge of ending my 50th decade in a couple of years and I am returning to school. Kind of.

I am taking a Human Resource's certificate program through the University of Washington.  While it give me a UW Internet address, I am not quite going to the dark side of being a Dawg.  My father would have never approved.

I am not sure where this is leading or what will happen but it seemed manageable.  Two nights a week, not lots of money, information about an area I have worked in before and one I have lots of skills to take to a business or educational institution.  I have run my own business, worked with business people and contracts and lots of stuff or a long time.  I have lots of mediation and conflict skills so who knows where this will lead.   It just seems to be something that requires some but not a bunch of my time and should be workable given where Mary-E is in her treatment.

I was pretty proud of myself putting 16 dates on my calendar.  I love that there is no class on Halloween.  Who knew it was a school holiday.

Mary-Elizabeth has a big appointment at the SCCA.  Blood draws, multiple appointments and we are hoping for an answer from Dr. Carpenter's crystal ball.  She stopped one of her medicines today and we are hoping that the prednisone will start to taper after tomorrow.  I figure ElliMae is settling in and ready to like her new body.  It has been 9 months and a few days.

Hoping, Hoping Hoping.

Oh, Fruit cake is being "fed".  It gets to eat every week or 10 days.  Only the good stuff. 

Oh, dear, I need to get a notebook... and take glitter and beads and glue to class.  Luv it already.

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Maggie said...

Totally great in every way! HR is the toughest job in any org and you've got the abilities.