Sunday, September 30, 2012

Light the Night

In Seattle, Light the Night is way cool because it is around Green Lake.  It involves hundred's if not thousands of people walking with lighted balloons. The money raised is used for Lymphoma and Leukemia research.

We have been once to support Elise Reinfeldt but Mary-Elizabeth has never participated. 

There are two kinds of balloon, red and white.  White balloons are carried by survivors.  She has never felt like a survivor and it turned out she wasn't done with cancer yet. 

I am hoping next year or the year after we can do the walk and both feel like survivors.

I am trying to think of Cancer as Strep throat.   All it took was some research and a bit of moldy bread to find the cure but before they found the cure, they knew the cause.   We need to find both right now. We know leukemia can be cured by bone marrow transplants but what a cure!... we need some moldy bread.....

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