Saturday, September 15, 2012


We are not a sweeping culture.  It is a relative simple thing to do but we are a vacuum, leaf blowing, Shark, Swiffer, steamer kind of people now. 

We have forgotten how to sweep.  I have these very clear and distinct memories of Lupe, Mary-Elizabeth's Mexican  Grandmother sweeping.  She would start in one room and move to the next.  Or she would go in front and sweep.  Every day, without fail.

I have been sweeping a bit.  It has a calming affect on the mind.   A purpose, a good result.  It allows the mind to wander to places unknown.  To disengage from the real world and to let it go where it wants to go.  Sort of like dreaming while awake.

I need to do it more.  Time to get back into the garden and prepare for winter, as much as we can prepare for anything.  Transitioning from one set of rules to another even if it is a bit rough.  There is always a "side affect".

Sweeping = sneezing;

Sweeping = calm thought and contemplation;

Sweeping = clean back patio.

Sort of like chemotherapy.  The bad is outweighed by the good.

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