Monday, September 03, 2012

Our Circadian Rhythms are not in Sync with the Rest of theWorld.

September 2nd 2012.  How exactly did that happen?  It just happens.  We are a bit mixed up this year. 

The sunflowers have not bloomed.  Grampa's beans did not thrive, not really.  We did manage to have other things happen. A huge undefined squash just grew.  Some potatoes were recently dug from the garden. The Jays have been added to our bird list.  Lots of Jays. 

We are just a bit behind.  I don't mind behind most of the time but it is just not like me.  Maybe I am finally catching up on the important things.

I made it to the 40th Reunion of my high school class.  I have found, with the help of another cousin, some family in Tacoma. I am utilizing social media to help move the hospital forward on the food issues.  Do visit Better Food Please Seattle Children's Hospital on Facebook.

As things settle down, and worry steps out of the way, there is time to focus on other things. The sunflowers are about 6 feet tall.  Once they hit a certain height they are start to do more than grow, they start to follow the sun all day.  Somehow at night they know to move to the east.  This is something I have observed before but in the hassle and bustle of the last few months the little things slip by without notice.

So.... yesterday St. Anthony (saint that returns lost things) returned my favorite lawn sprinkler.  I went out to change the sprinkler and noticed the hummingbird flying threw the water spray.  She then landed on the small pine tree and began to let the spray give her even a better bath. 

The moment lasted only a few seconds but It was enough to remind me to watch, listen, observe and appreciate. 

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