Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mindy Smith.... and our Journey

Sometime in late 2004 I was listening to NPR one early Sunday morning.  They had a singer/song writer on and she had done one song with Dolly Parton and had just released an album.  She sang a song "One Moment More" which was written after the death of her mom from breast cancer.
Since I am way hip and way cool I scrambled to write down her name and immediatly found her album on Amazon and ordered it.  Love her music, her voice, her range of music.  After I heard her music I tried really had to see her live.  She lives in Tennesee and does not get out much.

When she player here, it is usually at a place called the Tractor Tavern in down town Ballard.  It has been in down town for many years.  It was there before cool built up around it. Two store fronts, a stage, a few chairs a bar on the right and guy at the door asking for $17.00.  Musicians love it, small intimate, weird clientel.  It is one of "those places" where you never know who is going to do a set.

I, of course, have never been cool enought for such dives.  I still am not that cool but when I found out she was coming to town, I ordered tickets.  Come hell or high water, I was going to see her.  And I did.

Her voice was not at it's best because of a cold but she kept going...., the music was too loud because I am old but it was wonderful to finally see her, to hear her play new songs and old.  She skirts on the edges of "way cool" sort of country, sort of rock, some pop thrown in and some Jesus music, but then she is from Tennesee now... formally Long Island.

For one of her encores, she played One Moment More.  The song that started it all for me. It is a haunting melody that most think is about a guy leaving a girl behind. 

I like singer/songwriters a lot.  I didn't realize it until Beth Peterson said something about "singer/songwriters".  I like to listen to music from a person's life.  It tells a story.  I love books and art and all those things that are from a real seed of life.  

I loved my evening, even though I was up way past my bed time.  I plan to try and be up more often..... I also plan to never have to play "One Moment More" at any one's funeral.  So there.

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