Friday, September 21, 2012

The worry fairy....

We are in a really good place.  Meb is back in school, sort of.  I am going to take a couple of Human Resource classes at the U so I am back in school, sort of.  She is feeling better each day, sort of.

The worry fairy is less present every day but is still hovering, sort of.  We went to see Katie and Darlis yesterday.   (They were here for dinner and Darlis commented how they would not be enjoying the 2nd floor over flow facilities during their stay in Seattle. Katie spiked a fever and bam..... 2nd floor.) We stopped by the 3rd floor to see if they were really on 2nd. 

In the hall was Abby, Chipper, always smiling, always up and moving and always always always ........ standing with three people.  She was trying to take a step.  A single step.  It was so apparent how hard this process was for her.  The pain on her mom's face, the deep confusion on her face.  The happy smile of Megan (one of our favorite nurses) trying to pretend this was expected.

Transplant, is so much more difficult then anyone can imagine.  The months of preparation, the months of recovery, what am I saying the years, of recovery.  You read about it, you see what other people go through, you go through it.  It is not an easy thing.  I hate to keep whining about it but this is not a simple thing. It is not over for us at all.  It permeates every part of our lives. 

Then, get this.  One of the kids who is at day 90ish, gets to have another transplant because instead of having one of the cord blood units go away, he still has both in his bone marrow. 

Now that is just a blooming nightmare.  Two sets of cells have taken up residence.  Who knew?  Who wanted to know?  Who could even imagine.  No one ever told me both could stick around! Now it did not happen to Mary-E but just think.  I don't think she would do it again. 

We are so lucky, sort of.   Project for today: I am going to put  the Worry Fairy in a box and make her stay there, sort of.

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