Thursday, September 13, 2012

Points in Time.

1966:  Clock arrives

My dad was a GP in the small glen of Spirit Lake, Idaho.  He had patients that paid him in raw milk, fresh vegetables and wild meat. 

He made house calls. In one house he admired a very stately grandfather's clock.  The clock was German but had been transported from Australia by the couples Merchant Marine son.  Within the year, a clock arrived at your house.  It cost 300.00 and was made in 1883ish.

We moved from Spirit Lake to Dalton Gardens and then to a house on Prairie Avenue.  Each time we moved the clock moved and it had to have a visit from Mr. Clark.  He was the owner so a Coeur'D Alene Jewelry story that is still there.

1974 Clock Moves to Michigan

Dad was fed up with how Malpractice insurance was handled and up and quit being a doctor.  He did some looking around and we ended up in Midland, Michigan.  The Clock moved there.  We joked about having Mr. Clark flown out to Midland but then found someone to set it up.  The clock was pretty happy but the case was not.  Michigan was not a place for wood.  Humidity was not kind to the case but it survived with a few cracks. 

1978, Clock moves to Walnut Creek California

The clock was happy in the California fresh air and heat.  Mom was always way more apt to turn on the air conditioner than the heat.  Life was good.

1981,Clock moves to Sarina Ontario Canada aye?

As I think about it, I don't remember where it sat.  He has to have an interior wall, a place out of the sun.  The next move was to Storage and not Switzerland.  Maybe there were Visa issues?

1986  Back to Michigan.

And to a new clock maker.  The folks had decided it was time to do some much needed work.  Re-gilding, re-stringing.  The clock lived with the guy for more than a year.... 

Clock guys are just weird.  They fall in love with the clocks almost like mistresses. 

1995 Back West, Eugene Oregon.

Dad retired. Mom found a house.  Mom did not measure the ceiling.  Upon arrival, unpacking and setting up, it was decided punching a hole in the ceiling was not a good thing. 

Guess who had the only ceiling that would accommodate the clock...... yeah.

October 2010

Mr. Clock was very unhappy.  He would stop, he would chime at the wrong time.  He would just have hissy fits.  So we called Roger.  Roger is another Mr. Clark. He took the clock. 

September 12, 2012

The clock returned.  It was a good time to return.  It seemed he needed to rejoin the family now.  Something to mark our new transitions.  Mary-E back to the books.  My return to a bit of school, both as a student and a substitute.  An empty space filled.  A bit of family returned. Hopefully to a normal house.

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