Tuesday, September 04, 2012

4 More Months..... and Then.

WE will look back in wonder and thankfulness.  We will thank our lucky stars and then Meb wants to travel.  She wants to do more than sneak off to Renton or Maltby or..... fill in the blank.

It should be a grand adventure of some sort.  I am hoping she can convince some of her peeps to do a weird road trip of some sort.  A tent, a map, some cash a car and some travel.  Maybe to see the world's largest ball of string and the Corn Palace and a tornado and the list goes on and on.

Hopefully I will be tied down and working at some great soul building job. 

Having a child with cancer for the second time makes one wish and hope for so so much yet sometimes just the little things.  She has taken over my desk as she settles down to study and take two classes from Gonzaga. 

I am going to settle down and take care of myself for a while.  It is time.

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