Monday, September 17, 2012

So...... The Eye of GVHD

Sometimes waiting is a good thing. 
Sometimes it is nervewracking.  We are in the Eye of GVHD. 

Had it.
Took huge prednisone doses.
It went away.  
Drugs went away.
GVHD came back.
More Drugs  and they are about to go away again.  So we wait.

We were at clinic at the break of dawn this A.M.  Blood draw, coffee, Doctor visit. 

What's going on?
Any new complaints?
Bumps, bruises?
Skin okay?
Can you walk on your heels?
Has anything changed?

No nothing has changed. 

WE are just waiting for the time to come when the rest of the prednisone and the hydrocortison go away and we see.  See if Ellie Mae has settled in to her new home and is happy.

Everything has been stable and the desire to taper is strong but taper fear is real and very ominous.  Sort of like those peoples waiting for the hurricane to appear.  We are in the eye.  Knowing it is just a matter of time.  

Everyone is trying to make Dr. Carpenter pay attention to this child.  They are waving the taper flag in front of him but he is not responding. We have an appointment in  a couple of weeks.  In person we are hard to ignore.

So we wait, pass the time.  Wonder, make Chiffon Cakes and invite people over for dinner.  Wonder if it is really going to be okay. Take out the good dishes, the silver and the crystal.  Wonder some more. Seems like a good thing to do while we are in the eye.

The eye of the storm only lasts so long.  I am hoping we are prepared, no matter what the second half brings.

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