Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Worry won't go back in the box.

Tomorrow in the morning, we go to the SCCA.  We meet with the Goddess of Kidney Function.  I am sure she thinks she does other stuff but she is to impart to us the answers to all of our questions:

1. How big is a kidney?
2. Why do they grow?
3. What makes them grow?
4. Should we worry about them growing?
5. Do they shrink?
6. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
7. Why are her numbers bad?
8. How do we make them better?
9. When will she be better?
10. How much should I worry?

She will think me odd but it won't be the first time.  My worry is a problem.

I sort of put my worry and concern in a little box.  I take it out on occasion and look at it and roll it around in my hand.  I put it close to my heart and take it's temperature.  I talk to it quietly and then try and stuff it back into the box.  One never wants Worry to be mad.  We all know that all hell will break loose. 

Worry won't go back in the box today. I will take it to school and it will keep me up for part of the night.  It will wake me early in the morning and then we will go face it.

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