Friday, October 19, 2012

Intimidation and Bullying of Staff at Seattle Children's Hospital

Seattle Children's Hospital is the best place in the world.  It cures cancer and makes little tiny babies well and it treats diseases no one has every heard of before.  They take care of everyone and anyone.  The staff, down to light bulb cart guy, are friendly, concerned and wonderful to the families.  The doctors, well some are "doctors" but the majority are amazing.  Watching the interaction between a surgeon and your child will bring tears to your eyes.  Everyone really really cares. It is a great place.


During the last year we have had to live there while Mary-Elizabeth either receives treatment or recovers from treatment.  I was really trying to see if there could be some positive changes made to the food served.  I became weary and financially stretched having to leave the hospital each and every day to buy her food that she would eat.   ( I am not alone.)

I complained, I commented, I asked the nursing staff and they all encouraged me to continue to campaign. 

What I found strange were the statements like:
"Who is going to see this?" "Please don't use my name, I don't want to lose my job."  " It is great you are doing this, they don't listen to us." 

I began to realize there was some bullying by upper management and some intimidation going on with the staff.  They are frightened.   Really frightened.  And they have reason to be. 

Some one that works there provided me some information that she found on the intranet.  She forwarded it to me and I put here and on the Better Food Please at Seattle Children's hospital Facebook page. 

She was called in on the carpet and fears for her job.  I was called and asked to take it down because it was not meant to be seen by anyone "outside" of the 6000 people that work at the hospital.  I did remind the person that called me about Federal, State and City laws that protect employees in such cases.  We also had a discussion about the First Amendment. 

I also think it odd to believe anything on an Intranet would be private.  But those are discussion for another day and time. 

Evidently there is a verified history of bullying and intimidation at the hospital.

Children's has a culture of intimidation, the document said, and within that culture, doctors expect nurses to do their work, including sometimes administering medications, according to a KOMO source.

The report also said doctors and nurses with seniority intimidate and bully others

Well They are not going to intimidate or bully me.  I also am pleased to know they read what I have to say.  Maybe someday they will listen. 

Hey Mark call me anytime. It would be better for you to  I am a great advocate.

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