Monday, October 15, 2012

No Kidney Transplant tomorrow.

Okay, maybe my imagination was a bit off the wall but then who would ever imagine having a child with leukemia twice? 

Back from the appointment and her creatinine is down, not normal but down.  Lots of tests are being done but results will take while. 

 The ultrasound is still on for this afternoon at 4:30 and then we should no more tonight.  They are looking for the following:

a. Evidence of a dissolved or current blood clot
b. Evidence of something like a kidney stone
c. Anything else that might be hanging around and not allowed.

The blood tests are going to look at her liver function and also see if there is any BK virus.  She had it in her bladder last time and it causes major major, horrible, terrible, bone chilling pain.  We were assured by Dr. Tracolomis that if it is in the kidneys there is no pain associated with it.

So we wait, we wonder and I quit saving for a Kidney Transplant. 

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