Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seattle Children's and other matters.

Seattle Children's is acting like an Adult Child raised by an alcoholic.  They keep secrets, they walk on eggshells, they are fearful of what "others" will say about them.  They don't have the ability or the hutzba to just do something. 

From all the reading I have done, they are wedded to the Continuous Improvement Process or the Toyota Method.  It is a great industrial model where institutions work to simplify, streamline and organize their lives.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.  Their are a million places at Children's and I can say they are doing a great job organizing stuff. 

My favorite part of the process would be the little blue tape shapes on flat surfaces and the label  "Kleenex".  I sort of felt like I was in pre-school and we were working on our words.  Say after me children "Kleenex" 

I think CPI has held the kitchen back decades.  Part of the CPI process requires strict and continuous uniformity.  I think that works great for car making or surgery or even cleaning but it just limits the heck out of the kitchen and dietary.  For example:  What if the kids love and thrive on satsumas? You know those great little round yummy bits of goodness found in the stores only this time of year?  Well they would not be allowed to be added to the kid's choices because they are not  something that could be rotated through every 8th day because of limited supply during the summer.

CPI makes it so much easier to rely on pre-packaged frozen, canned, dried and processed foods you have to use in desolate part of the country.  No one has had the smarts or wisdom or for thought to adapt the process to the modern, health conscious consumer. 
 Where should the best examples of healthy food be found? At Seattle Children's hospital.  Fine they have stopped service huge soda's for 1.00.  Fine they are not deep frying the food from the kitchen.  They are re-heating already processed food.  Fine they have removed the two portion sized cookies from the cashier's areas.  There are no real changes and according to their new President Lisa Brandeburg, none are coming for "several years".  I am sure if those in charge of these matters had to eat their own cooking, things would change.  Even Chef Walter, I have won a million and one awards,Bronowitz does not eat his own food. 

The fat filled cheese sticks and coated in some sort of crust green beans are still there.  We live in the State of Washington.  If you ask for apples on your tray, they bring you something in a package, covered in "preservatives" that are brown and disgusting.  Just for every one's information there are a million great kinds of crunchy, tasty, local, fresh apples this time of year.  Show some leadership and serve them.

Which would you like to eat:

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