Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Election Nights.....

Last night was different than 2004. We were at Children’s and Kerry lost.  Mary-Elizabeth had had some nasty chemo and had not really been very sick before.  As the states were turning red and clicking on the map, my daughter was getting sicker and sicker.  I also was a bit nauseous but that was for other reasons.


That round of chemo was terrible.  She was so so sick.  It took most of the next day to get her stable enough to go home.  She just could not stop vomiting. Last night was much better.


She has been a bit nauseous recently, not a good thing.  Not from Chemo but from her taper from Prednisone.  It is a slow taper and we are hoping it is working.  Every now and then something will happen that makes us wonder.  Her skin around her eyes and her mouth will all of a sudden get red and flakey.  It just happens.  Mom’s really expensive eye cream is applied. It seems to work but then we worry a bit more that ElleMae is not settling in as she should.  She appears to be strong and working but we need to have her like Mary-Elizabeth a bit more.  She needs to realize this is a team project and she is an important part of the team.  They all need to learn to get along, sort of like the House of Representatives, Senate and the President. 


Okay, I am done with that……

We are on cruise control.  No real news just hoping to have some good answers soon, expecting there will not be a change but then we can always hope.


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