Monday, November 12, 2012

Sometimes the Dragon Wins and Sometimes he does noT!t

During my lawyer days I found a version of this on the wall in a small work place for the weary court house lawyers.

I am pleased to announce that no Dragon is winning in this household. 
We met with Dr. Tracolimus today and went over all the numbers.  I had been pretty upset the last time we met.  I was confused and angry and frustrated that we had transformed from happy kidney land to be careful because if you eat one too many pieces of sushi, we will be doomed for eternity to dialysis and eventually kidney transplant.  I have had quite enough transplants thank-you very much.
They had has some serious discussions and her improving creatine level has led them to back off from Stage three Chronic Kidney Disease.  At worst it would be 2, and could be less if she keeps presenting good numbers. 
Big sigh.  I have so afraid if we could go from nothing to 3 in a month, we could be looking for a Kidney sooner rather then never
Side effects of one transplant is enough.  Off to buy sauerkraut to make soup.  I will let you know if it is good........

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