Friday, December 07, 2012

Today was the First Day

I have heard Mary-E say she might be willing to stretch on her  tether a little bit.  She admitted she was just scared. Every time she even thought about going somewhere GVH came and bit her in the butt.  

My child has never been a "push the envelope" kind of girl.  She is good a hunkering down and holding up until it is darn good an safe to stick her head out.  I am sure that had she been in the Blitz, she would have come out in about 1953. I had been thinking I would just kidnap her and do something wild, like go to Bainbridge Island. 

Tomorrow we are going to go to Lynnwood to a U of W Hockey game.  Love those games.  Should be a fun thing to do.  If we make it to Lynnwood, who knows, maybe Everett. 

She has never been one to jump out into traffic without full and complete evaluation of the situation.  I remember when I tried to get her to play soccer.  I told her she had to go and just watch.  She agreed to do that.  I picked her up from day camp and she immediately wanted to go shopping for cleats and chin guards. 

So we will take this slowly.  A few miles a week, or month.  We will slowly merge into the world again.  Today to start the process, we went to Hardwicks Hardware Store.  It is hard to really describe.  It is wonderland.  If you need it, they have it.

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