Thursday, December 13, 2012

Straw are not just for Mangers

It is hard to explain to anyone why we would whine about not having a real Christmas Tree or GVH or house arrest or loosing hair or having to have an NG tube or having to be 30 minutes from the hospital. 

When people try to make it better with comments like: 

Lots of people love their fake trees.  I have had one for years.

She could have GVH of the liver.

or my favorite

She could be dead.

Really folks.  If the only thing a Cancer World parent is complaining about a stupid rule about Christmas Trees be happy for them. 
These are signs of other much more worrisome things.  GVH and long term prednison = need for all the major joints to be replaced. 

30 minute tethers mean that things can go bad so so fast that everyone wants the child close.  In other words, they are not out of the woods, they are not even in the woods.


Roger and Candi Merrill said...

Wonderful post. Thank you.

Linda said...

I think of you often and pray for you and Mary-Elizabeth Thanks for sharing you story it keeps my life in prospective. All is well in California