Friday, December 21, 2012

Waiting for Tomorrow and some Answers, maybe.

21st of  December 2011.
We were waiting to see if Mary-E was going to be able to have a transplant.  Was she healthy enough? Did she have any hidden infections? Would it work, would she be one of the 40% that make it through the first year?  All of that.

Well it is Friday the 21st of December 2012.

We are in such a different place.  Same sort of evaluation but not quite as through.  She has had most of the scans under the direction of the SCCA so they will accept the results.  We don't know much yet. 

 Today we meet with the doctors and have the "Conference".  It will tell us what toll this transplant has taken on her.  We know she has lots lung function and liver and kidneys are unhappy.  There is this push pull between given her some sort of estrogen so she does not go through menopause and her clotting issues.  She is still on lovanox and the other night her skin started seeping.  It was freaky.

They called her last night and told her there would be no vaccinations given.   It sent her to bed in a funk. The vaccinations give her more freedom and ability to be around more people.   Her bubble is getting a bit confining. 

In a few hours we will know the plan.  There is always a plan.  The plan never works out but there is then a plan.  Sort of like Congress. 

Wish they had a plan. 

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