Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You Know You Are In NYC

when there is a stop light at every corner and people Jaywalk any way;
when your cab driver dozes off at every red light;
you ask for a good coffee shop they don't send you to Starbucks (Thanks Esther);
when everyone walks like they are 20 minutes late to a very important appointment;
when a harried dad will let a perfect stranger walk the baby around the shoe store and everyone thinks that it normal;
when every continental breakfast spread has lox and bagels;
when you are sitting in a coffee shop and you move and someone brings you the purse you left behind;
when you are sitting in the NYC reading room and some guy approaches you for directions to hardware store and you can help him out and you realize you must look like a local;
when you drift by a museum and realize there are the letters of Beatrice Potter on display;
when you can stand and gaze upon a vellum copy of the Gutenberg bible and truly be amazed at how far we have come in technology;
when the Rocketts are 20 feet away and you are filled with the wonder at the precision and amazed at how many crystals can be on one outfit;
when you travel around a park in a horse drawn carriage and begin to appreciate how important open space is for every one's soul;
when even the hot dog guy is trying to be helpful to everyone and makes sure your dog is served up just right;
when the kid jumps the turn style and you exchange a smile of understanding;
when a young girl gives you a seat and keeps you on the train when you want to get off;
when you see "Clair" from Ugly Betty and pretend it is a normal thing;
when your town car looks like everyone elses town car;
when you walk down Park Avenue and see the guy with wads of cash and the sunglasses and he pretends it is a normal thing;
when you see every restaurant crowded and full and no one is worried about the wait;
when the cab guy will pull over and wait while you find your gang;
when only the tourists don't have umbrellas;
ever block is a surprise because it is not one giant skyscraper, the small beautiful buildings are still there only adding to the diversity of NYC;
when everyone, says "excuse me"  & "thank-you"
when the best grocery store is in Grand Central Station;
when you realize the "Hudson Bookstores" from the airports all started there on Hudson Street in New York;
when 8 miles is a very very long way away;
when you can totally escape your life for a few days and become part of another living organism and be refreshed.

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Audrey Watson said...

Wow! what a trip. a totally different ecosystem.