Friday, December 14, 2012

Big Adventures...

New York City.
Here I come.

Yeah.  Off to see what I can cram into a few days.  Stones and Springstien, Lady Gaga and I are spending some quality time together.  Some time wandering the city and visiting some weird places.

Candles at St.Pats. Top of the Empire State building. Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital to visit a mom with a child in transplant.  Purgatory Press to pick up my 2013 datebook and some frozen hot chocolate.  Some time just wondering and some time on the Subway to just say I did it. 

An art museum if possible, a gander at the Guggenheim, Frank L's last work. And then....  Maybe a book store, the Strand, A street corner for a meal.

There is a bit of melancholy with the leaving of my child here but I figure we will do this trip again.  Maybe next year. 

I really need this and I didn't even know it.  It all fell into place with a minimum of jostling around.  It falls into place.

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