Saturday, December 01, 2012

Lots of Roads in Cancer World and not all lead to the right place

We all start out with the greatest of hope.  We cling to that hope and fiercely push away any alternative that even takes away the hope of cure.

It takes years to really understand and comprehend the different paths.  We start on only one path.  The path that leads us back to our "normal" life.  Unfortunately so many seem to be diverted or halted or come to the end of the road way too soon.

This has not been a good week for kids with cancer.  Jaxon found out he has no more options.  I should not say Jaxon but his family. He is a smiley, loving wonderful child that was born with Downs.  Sometimes when we talk about what is fair and what is not fair, lets wrap our collective minds around the fact that kids with Downs have a much higher chance of getting leukemia.  Because some how that makes it fair.

Evan was on the floor with us for several months.  He had leukemia and seemed to have a kind that just laughed at chemotherapy.  His family make the trek from Phoenix, to Seattle, trials at the NIH in Maryland, St. Jude's and then home to Phoenix. Their 14 month journey ended when Evan's body said STOP.  I read their Caringbridge page and what a family!  I thought it was kind they never once mentioned the bratty teenager Mary-Elizabeth who always wanted to sign up for 2 hour baths.

Then there is Katie the Great.  She is a lovely child/young lady with osteosarcoma.  She had her tumor attached with chemo and then removed.  Just as they were planning to return to Alaska (so that they could look at Russia from their front porch), she had a scan that brought them back here.  Bone cancer metastasizes to the lungs and hers decided to do so.  So she is back here, and headed to a Trial at the University of Washington with a 20% chance. 

So this has been my week.  I don't mean to make this about me.  These are families in such pain.  I wish I could help in some meaningful way.  Everyone does but there are so many things our of our control. 

I promise I will not be upset about Christmas Trees and bad food and stupid people.  I promise I will clean the basement and not spend another dime on Christmas presents.  I promise I will walk 10,000 steps every day and never eat another piece of bread with butter on it.  I promise I will answer all my mail and listen to all my voice messages and be nice to Republicans.

I will do anything to make cancer go away and leave our children alone!!!!!


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