Friday, March 01, 2013

Level Six... Heretics...

In the sixth circle, Heretics, such as Epicureans (who say "the soul dies with the body" trapped in flaming tombs.

I am so so confused but then I must consider the times.  Being angry, sometimes rightfully so, put you in level 5 .  Heresy was a big deal in the 12th Century.  But boy do I know about Heresy....Or like I prefer to conicider it, contradiction of those who perceive themselves in power.

What a surprise, some docs think they have been imbued with great powers and should be revered.  An even bigger surprise is that I don't see it that way.  Lots of parents now days don't.  My mom still "listens to the doctor"  and to some extent so do I.  I do consider their opinion and often even do what they say but they have to provide a good explanation first.

Cancer Mom's are really the ones that know their kids.  They have been there from the beginning and they are the only real constant. Some times they are lucky enough to have someone else on the "team" that stays with then during the entire process.  We have had Karyn Brundige... Fabulous person.

Because we have this very complicated and long process, the Mom's are the only ones that know. Really know. Each child has a "note" that follows the child and explains everything but trust me it is so long and in such tiny print no one reads it any more.  More then once I have used the blog to help someone find the right page to read for a date. 

Sometimes the docs and the others need to be questioned and corrected.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not... I did let Paul Carpenter MD, PHD, MRI, CAT let Mary-Elizabeth have only 20mgs of Prilosec but he had a good reason.

Oh, secret Heresy is the worst....  The one at Children's is that they feed the kids three meals a day plus snacks.... HEE HEE... don't tell or you will end up on Level Six with me.

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