Sunday, October 06, 2013


Every year I post pictures of my trees.
Every year I sit at my desk and watch the color drain out of the leaves.  It happens slowly and then speeds up.  first a leave or two develops a spot or two and then the inner leaves turn that lemon color and some read falls out.  It is never unexpected and nor it is a disappointment. 
The draining of the color is a signal the long sleep is coming. We are going to enter that ever so dark time. The time we want to pass quickly and without lots of dreary rain.  In all fairness, we have been warned it is coming. We know it comes every October.  We know there is an end to it.  Not like in Game of Thrones when Winter comes and just does not get the hint and end at a reasonable time. 
Cancer World = Game of Thrones.
When you enter it is not apparent what will happen or if the season will ever change.  Caregivers try to give you hope but you soon learn there is hope but it does not always apply to you.   You can hope it does but sometimes it does not work.
As Fall comes to the Northwest, Spring is coming for Mary-Elizabeth.  It is such a great thing to know.  It makes the coming rain and snow and cold and short days much easier to enjoy.
  Have you ever noticed the bits of strong bright red dotting the hills this time of year.  Red from another box of Crayons.  It is so so intense.  A bit of color to carry you through the next few months.
I am ready for the next phase to begin.  Ready, Able and Excited.
If only I could conquer Laundry.

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