Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wild Wild Dreams

I know what they are.  They are about disappointment and loss and frustration.  They are about dread and fear and did I mention Frustration.  Crazy Crazy things.  Sulfur water parks, foaming water, not being able to find the place to start down the water slide. Large old houses that are crumbling but still in use and long hallways with people that seem at home but are not helpful.  Condo's I signed away to my ex-husband and he lived in them and I never visited but when I did they had hidden cake in the closet and the windows had no views but there were weird bathtubs and shower.   Lots of anger and breaking of things and ..... it goes on and on night after night. 

My Dad and Mary-E have these sorts of dreams.  I am going to make a dream catcher today.  I will find some flexible stick and some pretty strings and I will weave a place for the dreams to go.  I have lots of charms and the such.  I will make sure I go on a much longer walk than usual and see if that will help.  I will try very much to think about the dreams and process them and realize they are lots of stuck thoughts looking for a way out.  A voice they have been denied for a long time.

We all know dreams hold power in their own way. 

We also know I never would have signed away a condo to my ex....  

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