Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cancer World by the Colors

I was coming home the other day along the water front and the Seattle Ferris Wheel (not a structure less it create land use issues) was pink.  It was pink for October which is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Nice cause. Nice reason to have a giant pink thing swirling around.  Fitbit has a pink band for those of you with wrist version.  Water is pink, the White House was pink. Pink is pink.  

Now how many know Gold is the recognition for Childhood Cancer.  Yeah, I didn't know either.  I had missed it cause orange is for Leukemia.  It is all so hard.  When you are in the little block of your color you don't see much outside of it. 

I complained to my sister about it and she came unglued.  She pointed out Cancer kids get a lot.  Make-a-Wish, a color, lots of fund raisers and lots of attention.  She is in Childhood Depression and Suicidal World.  She has 8 year old ready to kill themselves.  Kids she is trying to keep alive. Then there are the autistic, Asperger folks and the prostate, pancreatic and lung and.......

It is way too much.  It is sort of like my job search, easy to loose focus.  So much is out there it is hard to find a way to narrow down where your energy can go. 

Solution?  Probably the time to flood the earth and destroy humanity and start again has passed.  So.... I guess we all have to find a way to care the best way we can.  It is the little acts that make a difference.  The kind of act you don't remember doing.  The dinner, the card, the offer to walk the dog, the event the offer to do laundry, the cup of coffee, the offer to babysit, the raked leaves, the $200.00 check sent out of the blue.  It all adds up. 

Pay attention to those around you. Think about what would help you.  Never pass up a chance to listen. 

Colors don't matter.  Pink, Gold, Yellow, Orange.  Everyone in Cancer World is mad.  Everyone is in turmoil and have had their world shaken to the core.  No one has escaped the scars and the side effects.  It is unfair, horrible, devastating.  No one is ever the same. No one is ever going to be the same again. 

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