Thursday, June 27, 2013

Starting to Transition

Everything is a process.  Only in the movies does a Bone Marrow transplant happen overnight.  I remember an episode from Greys Anatomy where Izzie's child comes in, has leukemia and they harvest Izzies bone marrow and she leaves the hospital in the course of an episode.  Oh, the holes I could drive tanks through on this one...

I could write a diatriabe about matching and the problems with half matches... fact it takes weeks to get the body ready, the stay in the hospital is months....  but I won't.  I will focus on transitions.

I head home on Sunday.  We are going to a shower in Tacoma.  Monday is a long SCCA day and lots of appointmens are scheduled.  This is the big:  Can we start the taper again appointment.  I have been loathed to think about it but bits of the knowledge it is coming up is bugging me. 

I am in Eugene and cann't think about it yet.  It seeps into my sleep.  We go to appointmtnes and they don't know who we are and then they don't give us results and then we wander around and end up in the Red Room of the White House and then I am getting married but I can't find the groom after the ceremony and the hill we climb has a gang with knives and guns and we walk up to them and scream at them to leave us alone and then we find three big dogs....

Don't ask.  No more Snickers for me before bed!!!!!

We are gently moving mom towards her move.  I am pushing MEB to her return to college.  I am working on my resume and looking at Job postings.  We are all in the midst of new and exciting things. 

I need a few days at home.  I need some time in back yard with my fountain and the dog and some quiet long nights of the wonder that is Seattle summers.  Those things that we love help us take the next steps. 

What ever they might lead us....
 Mom when she graduated from highschool  She is the one with the long skirt. 

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