Friday, June 07, 2013

Ohhhhh Dear

Moms can still impart wisdom and guidance.  We are so lucky to still have our mom. 

Having lots of stuff in your house helps keep it sharp. She knows were ever thing is in her house, down to the placement of the step stool in the hall closet with the vacuum cleaners.


It is okay to cut apart the bottles of Montana Arnica because it does not come out very easily at the end.

Life Long Curiostiy;
There is something new to learn every day.  Did you ever read the New York Times Wedding anouncement?  Lots to learn there

New Guinee impatients are stupid they never bloom again after they come home from the nursery.

General Life Lessons:

Always be kind to your elders.  Not just respectful but kind.  They might leave a journal and tell on you from the past. We found Great Grandma Barnes 1948 journal.  Hankie Showers were very popular.  So was fried chicken.

Best Lesson:

It is never to late for new potatoes.  Because if you cook them today, you can have hashbrowns tomorrow's breakfast. 

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