Tuesday, June 11, 2013

She crawled in bed last night.... and needed a hug.

The world just seemed like an overwhelming type of place.  She was exhausted from the river trip, but exhausted in a good way. The kind that aches deep down in the dark part of our bones.

She slept in and then had lots of "stuff to do".  She did her stuff but then there were some bumps. None of them were huge bumps but they were little bumps but when put together they seemed to feel like Mount Everest.  Everyone rallied and helped her out.   All in a good way.  It just felt like too much yesterday.  It was all fixed.  It took a hug, some shopping, nails and some cousin time and a few moments in bed with Mom.

She did something "normal".  She went with friends and new friends down a river.  She had to think about life in a different way.  It was a small thing. Something no one would even think about but it was a huge step for her. A real step. A step back to a more normal life. 

Normal can take a while to get used to after a long absence. 

Lots of emotions yesterday.  Frustration, joy, fear, disappointment and sadness.  But it is all good.  All of it. Every little frustrating and scary bit. 


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