Tuesday, June 11, 2013

48 hour leave...

Left Eugune yesterday and will return tomorrow.  Mom, while doing great, still needs someone to be with her for the next couple of weeks.  She starts real physical therapy on Wednesday and we will wean her off her walker and on to cane.  I foresee her walking again with some slowness but she is really making strides that will make her life in her new place so so much better.

I picked up Mary-E after her trip down the Wenatchee river.  Other than a small flip of a double kayak and almost being sucked into at fish counter, she did great.  She swam to the middle of the river and was rescued and got right back in a kayak.  Now the oars and the boat were lost but I am sure someone found them.  Her time with other cancer survivors and doing "normal" things was life affirming and wonderful for her.  She lives in another relm and it was go for her to find her peeps... those that don't need to be told about PIICs and Ports and Hickmans. 

I have been having an interesting time.  Time to spend joining her world and not just escaping from mine for a bit.  My brother Alex is also at the house a lot.  He and his wife having been staying overnight and Alex has been getting read for a garage/estate sale.  He has been frantic about things.  I recognize the behavior because when you have to manage your own life and have another layer of activity piled on top, it can be unnerving. 

Belle and Karen are on the road moving from Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin and were last spotted in Denver.  Belle is going to be starting a fellowship in Albuquerque in July.  She has a ton going on and stressed in a different way.  She wants to be in Eugene and is certain Alex, Amy and I are going to break mom.  Okay Mom has been up and cooking bacon since the first morning she was home.  I have read all the material and there was nothing in the book that said it was not an okay activity.  Bacon cooking does not require any leg twisting. While she cooks there is time to do her counter exercises.

David is just David.  Working hard, trying to make everyone happy.  He is having the hardest time of it.  The house was the one place he felt the most relaxed.  It has been "home" for the most years and the one most accessible.  We all have houses we loved. We all had lots of houses to love.  He loves the Eugene house.  He is going to move most of the furniture and will be able to preserve it a bit. 

Well I have only 48 hours.  Lots of laundry. Lots of garden work. Lots of coffee.  Lots to do. 

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