Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Things that go Bang in the night...

Sleep, Sleep, deep sleep.  Awake!!!! Has that ever happened to you?  A noise, brings from deep deep dreams.  A noise a feeling something that is not quiet right. Some thing desturbing. 

Leap out of bed, open the door.  There is mom.  Alert, sitting on the floor, walker asque, leaning up against the book case. 

Are you all right Mom?

Yes I am fine.  I just seemed to have tipped over. 

Do you hurt?

Noooo, I am just fine.

Let me think about how we are going to do this.  Let me first find a chair I can put you in when we get you up. 

Mary-Elizabeth Grandma fell, we need to get her back on her feet.
Mom don't move.  We have to protect your hip.  You can not twist it, or use it to push yourself up. We are going to lift you and put you in this chair.

Mom, I am going to lift Grandma and you slide the chair under her.   One two three....

Mom do you hurt? How is your hip? How did this happen? What do you think caused this? Do you need to go see the doctor. 

I just went down and I certainly don't need to wake any doctor for something so silly.  Help me back to bed.  Don't bother anyone.  I am just fine. 

It was not until later that it really scared me.  There are so many things that could have happened and didn't.  I am the great believer in managed expectations.  I need to know the worst and work back from there.  I don't need to be surprised and caught unawares.  I like to learn from my experiences and anticipate what is going to happen next and if it did, how it would be handled. 

In this case, Mom is simply not allowed to fall again.  Her couch is getting delivered to her not apartment and she needs to be ready to move there.  She has bridge games to play and great meals to eat and peeps to meet.

No time for falling and complications and all that nonsense.

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