Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Why does it seem we Plunge into darkness this time of year.

I think it is just that we notice more as it becomes colder.  I have looked longingly at the charts and the time really only changes a minute or two every day.  Some times in the morning, some times in the afternoon.  It is not drastic, it is just steady.  Both ways. 
(million mi)
Nov 6, 20137:02 AM4:44 PM9h 42m 13s− 2m 56s11:53 AM26.2° 92.135
Nov 7, 20137:03 AM4:42 PM9h 39m 18s− 2m 54s11:53 AM25.9° 92.112
Nov 8, 20137:05 AM4:41 PM9h 36m 25s− 2m 52s11:53 AM25.6° 92.089
Nov 9, 20137:06 AM4:40 PM9h 33m 35s− 2m 50s11:53 AM25.3° 92.066
Nov 10, 20137:08 AM4:38 PM9h 30m 46s− 2m 48s11:53 AM25.1° 92.044
Nov 11, 20137:09 AM4:37 PM9h 28m 00s− 2m 46s11:53 AM24.8° 92.021
Nov 12, 20137:11 AM4:36 PM9h 25m 15s− 2m 44s11:54 AM24.5° 92.000

Not much.  Just a bit. 

Same in the summer. Light creeps up on us.   I have to accept both.  I have to accept it is possible to be great all the time but I notice I change my behavior.  It is perfectly okay for the dogs to bark during the sun light.  They can howl, and pursue the treeing of cats and squirrels and bark insistently  at the crow that loves to bang on the back gutter to get their attention.

Right now, 5:48 p.m. , in pitch blackness no barking is allowed.  It is too dark.  Everyone must be sleeping.  We are really just waiting for pizza.  Waiting to adjust to this new time.  It is really almost seven and we are hungry for dinner.

Instead of walking lots of places, I am back to quilting.  Dark activities.  Sun requires non-outside projects.   I just am not ready to give up the light.  I am not quiet caught up with light activities.

Dark.  Dark.  Dark... working on making it not matter.


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