Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Watching the Pain of Others...

I just hate it.  I see it all around me. I try to enfold it to myself and make it better but sometimes you can only be there to hold someone or give them a shiny object to put on a chain or buy them coffee or swear in tandem with them.  You can go to lunch or take them a turkey sandwich or do their laundry or do some shopping or give them a good book or a trashy novel or a magazine. 

There is nothing to do but be there. Be there.  Sit there. Try to be cherry but know all of the humor and the jokes and the swearing is only covering the deep deep loss and disappointment. 

Sometimes it is not the big things like no grandchildren, it is the missed play, or dance or trip to the mall or the movie opening or the real Christmas tree or the fear of new animals, plants, foods, people.  All of it is trying.

Some in surgery, some coming out of surgery, new diagnosis, new trials, new issues, new complications, new events faced without a dearly loved child or spouse. 

The world if full of craters and sink holes and land mines.  No getting way from it.  Only thing anyone can do is start to fill in the void, one spoonful of time. 

Off to visit someone recovering from the surgeons assault on their body and then to buy crushed pineapple. 

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