Monday, November 11, 2013

A 17 year old's bucket list....

Europe Australia, New Zealand Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH (She’s an adrenalin junkie that loves roller coasters!) Mexico (this one is taken care of already by dear friends. We go in December.) NHL game – Penguins or Blackhawks NFL game- Seahawks (bet you thought it was gonna be the Patriots. I did!) The Seahawks have stolen her heart. Phantom of the Opera on Broadway (it’s her favorite movie and someone told her the Broadway production made the movie look like it was done by kindergartners.) Snorkeling (this one might be accomplished in Mexico next month, but it all depends on how healed she is.) This is not her complete list, but it’s what she whipped off in five minutes one day at lunch so I figure these are her top wishes.

No seventeen year old should ever have such a list.  It should be a life list. It should not be needed right now. There should be endless time for seeing and doing and completing.  She should go Snorkeling.  With her buds on Spring Break. She should go see Phantom of the Opera with girlfriends while on a road trip across the county.  She should be backpacking through Europe for a summer.  Every kid should sleep on a train while doing a year abroad. 

Katie has a bucket list.  It is short in some respects, endless in others.  Her chances are not the best of completion.  A lobe of one lung was removed this week.  In January they go in and look at the other one and certainly part of it has to go. 

She is an Osteo Kid.  Her achy bones were not growing pains.  She has never really been finished with her treatment.  Chemo to reduce the tumor, surgery to remove the tumor. More chemo, more surgery, more scans, more surgery.  She and those that love her know that she must make a special effort to complete the Bucket List because the time is short.

Some ask how come I keep in touch with "those" people.  How do you leave people you know and not try and help someway?
If you are looking for away to help.  Darlis Elliot is the mom.  She is on Facebook. She can best direct your efforts.  Tell her I sent you.

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