Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Mid-Term Grades are in.

And she is doing great.  She is taking some sort of calculus I don't even know existed and like my father, I can't even spell the word.  All I know is the book she uses is the most expensive book I have ever purchased and I bought some really expensive lawyer books in the day.

She is doing great in school.  Doubly great if you count the chemo and radiation and the stress and the.... all of it. Yesterday they were all getting ready to meet the nasty protesters and I told her Grandpa John would have been proud of the way they were approaching the problem.  He was one to fight injustice with justice and calm.   The part I don't think she understands is how hard he had to work for what he did.

Things were not easy for Dad in the study department.  He was bright be he always pushed himself and he always had to study. I found the letter from the teacher asking permission for him to be skipped a grade.  Dad remembers it being because he was too big for the chairs.  He was always a bit ahead of himself in that way but he did a great job.  He studied hard and he taught us how to study.

I remember when I went to college he gave me a bit of advice.   Go to class, take notes, come home and recopy those notes so if you are unclear about things you can get the answers straightened out. Every time you have a test, review from the beginning so finals are not a problem.

Good advice.  Grandpa was always full of good advice.  He never expected perfection, only that we did our best.  Nothing more or nothing less.  Simple.

Wind is here.  Amazing gusts.  But then a little wind is good.  Cleansing in many ways.  Hoping some of my leaves take the hint and head away.

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