Monday, November 04, 2013

Universe and Gentle Reminders

Yesterday I wanted to go see a movie.  I wanted a happy silly romantic comedy.  Nothing serious, or profound or significant. 

I followed the trailers to About Time.  Started off just the way it was supposed too.  Awkward guy, seeking love, finds a the perfect girl in a truly weird way.  Looses her, finds her again. Guy has a weird family and a good heart.   Even if he is a lawyer.

Then..... don't you just hate the Then...... 

Damn it all to hell.  It headed into overcoming saccharine  sentimentality and went straight to amazing, poinent, life changing... you get it.

A good reminder of two years ago when our lives just shifted. It was a jolt to be completely removed from life as I knew it two years ago.  One phone call and bam... Life Plan Alpha..... over.  NEXT.... The change can be life affirming or life destroying, depending on the day. Trying to rejoin the old world again.

Getting back to the super highway is a process and one that takes some careful care and consideration. Sort of like the movie, it can change in an instant. 

Shifting gears again and headed back to the real world.  The Universe provided a reminder yesterday. 

Be open, It is never what you expect, no matter how carefully you do your research and follow your instincts.

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