Tuesday, November 05, 2013

It was a dark and drippy morning

Apparently I do live in Seattle.  I was beginning to wonder.  In the past couple of years I have come to accept that sometimes I am living in one of those old weird Twilight Zone episodes. 

It looks the same, the view is the same, the language is the same, everyone else is the same, but it is not the same.  It is not anywhere near the same but everyone has to tell you it is the same because they are living in the "same".

I am finding it is easier to visit someone in an alternate reality then to try and leave the reality.  (Can you tell I just watch a time travel movie?)  I am venturing out more and more and staying for longer and longer times.  I even drove down town and then went up into a tall building and had a meeting.  Boy, hadn't done that for a very long time.  For those who are wondering, One Union Square has smart elevators and Two Union Square does not.

Sort of refreshing and fun. Familiar but with a new look.  Everything has a new look.  I know my way around but things have changed a bit.  I am certain I will remember the paths and the way.  

I have a special leather portfolio, red.  It is missing. I have been looking for it.  I have not used it for two years.  So it is hiding from me.  I hated not having it.  So I did the next best thing.

I had a manicure and had shellac polish.  Way cool.  They look like movie star nails. 

Sort of fun.  But then we live in Seattle. We have to shake it up because .... It is dark and drippy morning.

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