Monday, April 01, 2013

Year of the Snake


Water Snakes are influential and insightful. They manage others well and tend to be good for organizations to utilize as staff. They are quite motivated and intellectual, very determined and resolute about success. They will have what they desire, despite the conclusion or outcome they generate because it is worth it to them to not only be recognized for their efforts, but to be rewarded as well. They are affectionate with their families and friends but do not show this side of their personality to colleagues or business partners.

So this is my year.  I remember the last time it was my year and I don't really remember much. It is true, I am a water person, unless you expect me to get wet.  Love water aerobics, hate getting in the pool.

Mary-E and I are going to Eugene for a few days.  Belle is flying from Marshfield with a mission.  She wants to clean out the garage. Mom's closet and the kitchen.  Mom is discussion the need to move to an independant living place.  She has had a hard time since she tried to take the 25 lb turkey out of the oven.  Had she been at an assisted living place, there would have been someone to pick it up for her.

This is sort of mom going to the dorm.  Kind of hard to process but she is the master of her own fate and wanting to make the decisions. 

Because Belle is going to be there, Mary-Elizabeth is going too. We are going to have a good time.  I figure that if we are out of town, we won't have any appointments.

I plan to do some serious plant stealing, plant shopping and then some Alex pottery filching.  Always fun to see what Alex thinks is garbage.  As soon as I put it in my car it is a treasure.  Lots of family fun time.


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