Friday, April 26, 2013

You Know Mom...

I am done with being treated for cancer.  If it comes back again, I am not doing it again.

Yes I do.

Okay.  So what are we doing to do for Alistair?

I don't know yet. Lets think about it.


Where are we going to have pancakes?

We were just standing out side by our new little free library and those words came out of her mouth.  No big talk, not deep discussion.  I told her today about Alistair's failure to go into remission and the  new plan.  We know what that means on many levels.  While we pray and plead and light candles and pray some more and boost our Hope Levels, we know that this is zero hour, dark thirty, back to the wall time. 

I asked her if I did the right thing by telling her and she said yes.  Cancer takes so much away but adds a new dimension to your life.  It makes you cautious to get close to people in your own life boat but the people in the boat are really your best friends.  When one is having trouble and in danger everyone is in danger. 

There are no words right now.  We are going to go have pancakes and drop by the church and light a whole bunch of candles. 

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